Only after many years of studying secrets of this art and perfecting old techniques artist was able fully express his visions in this fragile material and present them to the world.

His talent and experience allow him to show viewers beauty and intricacy of simple things around us often interweaving with vibrant fantasy and dreams. And he gladly invites everybody to shear this celebration of life.

Here we present an incredible collection of porcelain items created using classical techniques of over-glaze and under-glaze painting incorporating 14K gold and free hand sculpting.

Artist always looking for new ways to convey his message to viewers and to share his life experience. Extensive experience in different ceramic techniques allow him freely manipulate traditional technologies in order to convey his ideas.


For many years Igor Mintch sculpted for company IRINA DESIGN. In 1998 he sculpted a porcelain figurine an "Angel Of Hope". As a symbol of hope in the world he and his ex-wife Irina did presented porcelain figurines to most influential people of the world at the time Pope, President Clinton and Queen Elizabeth. As a symbol of all of them having same hopes for our world.

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