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    -Porcelain & ceramic: High quality pieces for interior decoration: figurines, vases, candleholders, decorative plates, boxes, jewelry, etc.. Also, free sculpting, mold making, sleap-casting, over and underglaze painting.
    -Glass: Fusing, Slumping, Casting, Painting on glass.
    -Textile: batik and silk painting, appliqué works, hand weaving. Designed and painted unique clothing (dresses, scarves, T-shorts), curtains on windows and wall-hangers, theater curtains and tapestry.
    -Interior design: domestic and commercial interiors, including all elements of interior decorations. Designed (on commission) large interiors using my own painting, porcelain and textile products.
    -Computer graphics illustrations: Web-site development. Created clip art pictures /cdr, bmp, bmf, jpg… formats/ advertisements, brochures, envelopes, company logos, business card, package design, and any custom art work for IBM compatible by the computer programs such as "CorelDRAW".
    -Painting: Oil, temperas, acrylics, watercolors, pastels. Miniatures, murals, and wall painting in different media.
    IMDceramics 2001-... Owner, sculptor, moldmaker.
    Doc Holliday Molds Inc. (Nicholasville, KY) USA,.1994-2002. Sculpting of commercial figurines [over 200 pieces], dinnerware sets, etc.. Made master-molds and rubber blocks for mold manufacturing in ceramic industry.
    IBUSS SOFTWARE (Lexington, KY) USA. 1996-2002. Web-site design and development [over 30 web-sites for companies and individuals] at http://www.artkingdom.com
    Boomerang Software Inc. (Boston, MA) USA,1992-94. Over 300 pictures clip art and 80 background pictures for programs "Boomerang Banners On Windows", "Boomerang Banners Gold" and "Boomerang Business Graphics Presentation", 90 frames for program "Boomerang Frames & Borders", 10 animation images and backgrounds for screensaver program "Dinosaur Dreams". Package design for named above programs. Advertisements in "Windows", "Computer Monthly", "World Perfect " and "Computer Times" magazine.
    Tile Showcase Inc. (Watertown, MA) USA, 1992 . Design and manufacturing sets of unique handmade tiles, limited edition with over and underglaze painting.
    Union Of Artists USSR (St.Petersburg), Russia.1988 -...
    Leningrad Art Found. (St.Petersburg/Leningrad) USSR,1980-92.
    -Decorative curtains on windows and walls [5400 sq.ft.] and tree tapestries [30 sq.ft.] for the interior of the Cultural Center in Siberia (Tomsk) Russia, 1988-89.
    -Decorative curtains on windows [1100 sq.ft.] for the interior of a large restaurant in Estonia (Sillamiae), 1987.
    -Theater curtains for Children's Theater [500 sq.ft.] using batik, silk painting, appliqué work (Vsevolojsk) Russia, 1983.
    Leningrad's Department of Moscou Art Fund "Rossmonumentiskusstvo". (St.Petersburg) USSR,1984-92.
    -Wall painting [340 sq.ft.], oil on canvas, for the large interior of the Cultural Center (Viatka) Russia, 1991.
    -Decorative curtains on windows [3800 sq.ft.] for the Cultural Center "Sverdlova" (St.Petersburg) Russia, 1987.
    -Decorative curtains on windows [2690 sq.ft.] for Leningrad's principal Cultural Center,"Viborgskiy" (St.Petersburg) Russia, 1986.
    Leningrad Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (St.Petersburg) Russia, 1985-87. Design new forms and decals for reproduction in the fine porcelain industry.
    1993 - Federal Government granted legal status of "Extraordinary Artist Valuable for American Culture".
    1997 - US Patent entitled "Process for applying color to clay".
    "Dialogues" meeting with art community University Of Kentucky, Singletary Center for the Arts (Lexington) 1996.
    "Art Creation" lecture in the Art Department, University Of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) USA, 1994.
    "Overglaze Painting" workshop in the Radcliffe College Ceramic Studio (Cambridge, MA) USA, 1993.
    "Porcelain Jewelry" workshop in the "Mudflat" Ceramic Studio (Sommerville, MA) USA, 1993.
    "Art Creation" lecture for international students in the Exhibitions Hall "Proftehobrazovania" (St.Petersburg) 1990.
    Lecture for veterans of Afganistan war at the Leningrad Jornalist's Cultural Center (St.Petersburg) Russia, 1990.
    1985. Leningrad College Of Industrial Art and Design: Ceramic and Glass program (St.Petersburg), Russia.
    1980. Leningrad Art Scool #190 (St.Petersburg), Russia.
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