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For more information about custom work, please contact IMDceramics at: (859)236-3169


To walk through a sample cost of a project, please contact IMDceramics at (859)236-3169



Terms for first time customers are payment in advance for the sculpture, mold making and rubber block making process.


"IM Design" offers a wide spectrum of custom services such as custom sculpting, custom mold making and copies of antique ceramic items. These services are based on many years of experience in ceramic art and in the ceramic industry. They oriented to help our customers achieve the desired end result.


We provide a wide range of custom designs for industrial production as well as unique, one-of-a-kind items created for reproduction in a desired material such as - porcelain, ceramic or resin.

Original pieces can be hand-sculpted to your direction. But if you already have an original piece you would like to put into production this step can be bypassed providing it is appropriate for a ceramic mold



The three steps of Sculpture, Mold-making and Making a rubber block prepares your product for the mold duplication process.The mold making is a second step in the process of bringing an original work to production. It does include taking the original work and producing the first original mold. This mold is one of a kind and normally cost is figured in terms of a mold making time. The more complex the mold, the more costly the process.


Here we offer to copes any ceramic or porcelain antique item in technique of your choice, like "Italian Majolica", "Holland Cobalt Painting" or "German Over-glaze Painting.

Igor Mintch continues the best traditions of European porcelain sculpting and painting. Working few years for one of the oldest European porcelain factories as an artist he learn allot of secrets of this grate and intricate material and now he is well known for quality of his work.


This process includes taking the initial mold through the process of making a rubber master-block so the initial mold can be duplicated for finished product production. In order to reduce a weight of your mold rubber-block can be done with inserts. Cost is determined by rubber weight used plus the mold-makers time.

To walk through a sample cost of a project, please contact IM DESIGN at (859)236-3169

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